Wheeled Excavator EW100

Wheeled Excavator EW100: Innovative thinking - the future of wheeled excavators

The EW100 sets new standards in terms of performance, safety and comfort, considerably ahead of just about every other wheeled excavator in a drag race. The collaboration of attachment management and assistance systems with an optimized field of vision around the machine could not be better adapted to everyday construction site work. And it is possible to operate every attachment without downturns with twice as much auxiliary hydraulics power.

EW100 in action

Very good all-round visibility

  • The design of the equipment has been specially adapted to the needs of the operator in terms of optimum visibility. For example, the right tire is very visible in the normal seat position, which significantly increases safety for the operator and the surrounding area. The optimized view around the machine makes the EW100 especially safer and agile in road traffic and on uneven ground at the construction site.
  • The deep side window, the optimally placed boom and the large transparent section behind the right shoulder of the operator also make the lower area on the right side of the machine properly visible.
  • The upwards optimized windshield provides an unrestricted view of a high loading edge.
EW100 in action

Topmost performance in all areas

  • The strong engine output brings the machine straight on the road. Acceleration and maximum speed are second to none, and this with high stability.
  • The high auxiliary hydraulics power ensures maximum efficiency even when using attachments. When several functions are used simultaneously, the power remains consistently high upon use of attachments.
  • The strong performance of the auxiliary hydraulics make it possible to operate a large selection of attachments with the machine, which increases efficiency on the construction site and optimizes work processes.
EW100 in action

Human Machine Interface

  • The machine offers the possibility of saving different users with individual settings. The operators can thus automatically reactivate their settings for each operation.
  • The operator-based machine settings save both personal button assignments for personal operating comfort as well as attachment and flow settings for each user.
EW100 in action

Trailer operation

  • Whether it is on the road or off it, the ball hitch and the optimum 2-circuit-brake enables transporting trailers from 3.5 to maximum 12 tons and thus simply everyday work on the construction site.
  • The prepared connection for braked trailers as well as tipping function make it possible to have higher loads to be transported and the utilization of the machine can be optimized.
  • The existing socket at the ball hitch also enables power supply via the machine.
Attachement management system

Attachments interface

  • The EW100 is equipped ex works for upgrading with an attachments interface.
  • This makes it possible to upgrade the machine software with future developments in the field of digitalization without having to make any modifications to the machine.
  • This will allow communication with attachments directly via the machine and optimize the construction process.

More Features


Auto- & Semi-Auto-Brake function

  • If the foot is taken off the gas pedal, the machine brakes automatically and slows down continuously.
  • The operator can utilize this well especially for brief translations and work cycles. This also increases the safety on the construction site for the surroundings and the operator significantly.
EW100 in action

Active Working Signal (AWS)

  • The red LED strip (AWS) running diagonally over the engine hood lights up when the joystick mount is pressed down. This signals to bystanders nearby that the excavator is ready for operation and can be moved at any time.
  • In the road travel mode, the AWS serves as additional brake light to increase safety and attention in the surroundings.
  • Furthermore, the AWS switches to flashing mode when the quick coupler system is opened, which signals the attachment change to persons in the immediate surroundings.
EW100 in action

360° stability

  • Even with high weights, the machine stands securely and does not tip over while lifting.
  • The 360° stability enables lifting around the machine without the machine tipping over or becoming unstable.
  • The optimum balance increases the lateral stability of the machine by 25%.
EW100 travelling on the road

40 km/h maximum speed

  • With a maximum speed of 40 km/h, it is possible to move between construction sites on its own axle in record speed. A separate transport vehicle for short or medium distances is no longer required.
EW100 in action

Optimal positioning of hydraulic components

  • Short hose paths result in lower power loss in the hydraulic system. This increases the service life of the hydraulic hoses, due to fewer wear points, especially in confined areas.
  • The clearly defined routing of the hydraulic hoses ensures maximum efficiency, by reducing line resistance.

Pallet fork operation

  • The machine is equipped ex works with the option of operating safely even in pallet fork operation.
EW100 stand still

Thermal management with Auto-Warm-Up

  • The intelligent thermal management of the machine with Auto-Warm-Up function always ensures perfect operating temperature together with optimum hydraulic performance.
EW100 in action

Compact dimensions

  • High level of safety during transportation, cost and time savings. The excavator scores points with a low entry height and reduced external dimensions due to the intelligent component arrangement, providing higher stability thanks to the low center of gravity.
  • Whether during transportation or in tight spaces: thanks to its compact design, the excavator can easily be taken to your next job site. And on the construction site, the machine can maneuver anywhere easily and quickly, even in confined spaces - for high efficiency in every application.
EW100 tool box

Extendable toolbox with power supply

  • The optional, extendable toolbox with power supply provides the option of carrying along a cooler or a compressor at all times and of supplying it with power via an internal connection.
  • The size of the box offers a lot of space for tools or other materials; it is sealed watertight by a lip seal and perfectly placed at working height.
EW100 Sevice

Reduced maintenance and service costs

  • Due to extended maintenance and service intervals, the machine can be used for longer between the necessary work, which will lead to saving in time and costs and the machine can be used more productively.

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