2 stroke rammer

2-stroke rammer BS62-2/BS68-2

2-stroke rammer BS62-2/BS68-2: Only from Wacker Neuson

Two-stroke rammers by Wacker Neuson have long been the standard in the construction industry. They are sturdy and rugged, developed for maximum productivity, performance and service life. The two-stroke rammer offers excellent compaction performance and operating comfort that is impressive again every day. It is driven by the WM80c engine specially developed by Wacker Neuson which, thanks to its catalytic converter, falls well below all exhaust standard limits.

Illustration economic efficiency

Efficient air filter

  • With its large filter area, the air filter provides a very reliable filter efficiency with high capacity and thus a continuously high engine output.
  • The air cleaner housing is designed to keep dirt from falling into the air intake area when removing the filter. This protects the engine from dirt entering during maintenance.
  • The air cleaner cover must be opened with a tool: This should prevent the cover from being opened on a dusty construction site or the filter from being completely removed by the operator to work faster. Requiring the use of a tool should ensure that the vibratory rammer is brought to the workshop for air cleaner service.
4-stroke rammer BS68-4

Ergonomic guide handle

  • In the grip area of the guide handle it has an angled shape. This enables an ergonomic hold, which relieves the wrists.
2-stroke rammer BS62-2/BS68-2

Individual setting of the carburetor

  • Since the carburetor is not adjusted until the engine is installed in the vibratory rammer, it offers an optimum ratio of power, fuel consumption, and low emissions.
2-stroke rammer BS62-2/BS68-2

Just one lever for starting, idling and stopping

  • The vibratory rammer can be operated very comfortably using just one lever. The fuel cock is integrated in the lever. The choke is automatically deactivated at full throttle.
2-stroke Rammer BS62-2

2-stroke engine

  • The 2-stroke engine is very sturdy and was developed specially by Wacker Neuson for the tough construction applications of vibratory rammers. The simple engine design makes maintenance easy and saves replacement part costs.
  • Even in a tilted position, the 2-stroke engine is fully functional. This way, the engine can also be started without problems if the vibratory rammer has lain on its side.

More Features

2-stroke Rammer BS68-2

Slim, compact design with optimum machine center of gravity

  • The compact design, with its low machine center of gravity, offers tip-safe running and facilitates maneuvering, particularly in narrow trenches.
4-stroke rammer BS68-4

Large, sturdy lifting eye

  • The large, sturdy lifting eye makes transportation easier.
2-stroke rammer BS62-2/BS68-2

Ratchet lock for gasoline and oil tank

  • The ratchet lock prevents the tank cap from being overtightened and getting stuck.
2-stroke rammer BS62-2/BS68-2

Transportrollen am Handgriff

  • Das Gerät kann einfach im Liegen auf die Lkw-Pritsche geschoben werden.


  • EquipTrack enables the complete and precise collection of operational data via a Bluetooth module for more efficient and more transparent processes on the construction site.
  • EquipTrack can be easily installed on the device, it is even possible to retrofit it without any problems.

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