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ET35 Technical specifications

Operating data 

Shipping weight min. 3,260 kg
Operating weight  3,450 - 4,361 kg
Biting force max.  21.1 kN
Breakout force max.  35 kN
Digging depth max. (long dipper stick) 3,497 mm
Dumping height  3,337 - 3,489 mm
Digging radius max. (long dipper stick) 5,507 mm
Superstructure slewing speed  9.5 1/min
L x W x H  5,268 x 1,630 x 2,491 mm

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Yanmar Diesel engine
Engine / Motor type  3TNV88-BPWN
Engine / Motor  Water-cooled 3-cylinder suction engine
Displacement  1,642 cm³
RPM / speed  2,500 rpm
Engine performance POWER mode 22.2 kW
Battery  71 Ah
Fuel tank capacity  44 l
Voltage  12 V
Input current  71 A

Hydraulic system  suppressing control

Duty pump  2 axial piston pumps / 2 gear pumps
Flow rate  120.1 l/min
Operating pressure for working and traction hydraulics 240 bar
Operating pressure slewing gear 195 bar
RPM / speed superstructure 9.5 rpm


Travel speed max. 4.7 km/h
Chain width  300 mm
Ground clearance  251 mm

Dozer Blade 

Width  1,630 mm
Height  357 mm
Stroke dozer blade above ground 392 mm
Stroke dozer blade below ground 505 mm