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The reviews are in for the Wacker Neuson Dual View Dumper Truck!

Following last years and the current success of the Wacker Neuson Dual View ; with over 650 units sold in the UK. Wacker Neuson UK decided to contact some of our customers for their feedback. The feedback was hugely positive, with one customer calling the machine "A Game Changer". The Wacker Neuson Dual View brings new and innovative solutions to your customers and site safety requirements. The Dual View’s potential has been captured by major tier 1 contractors in the UK. With one saying that they have “Mandated Guidance for all Contracts on Selection for the Task with Dual View as Standard for Sites”. This has been noticeable by the number of Dual Views being viewed in high profile sites; like HS2, Hinckley Point and smart motorway project around the UK.

One customer feedback mentioned that they are always holding the Wacker Neuson Dual View as number 1 on their wish list, “Above other Major Competitors like; Thwaites & Mecalac”. With another customer stating that the introduction of the Wacker Neuson Dual View in the fleet has raised their image and profile with their clients; which they think has helped them to secure more contracts. The Wacker Neuson Dual View offers a large range of beneficial safety features; with some being highlighted by our customers during their feedback. With customers stating that they believe the Wacker Neuson Dual View is fitted with the “Safest Cabin on the Market”. The 360 degree view cabin offered has been applauded, as the cabin exceeds current ISO 5006 2017 standards for visibility with its extensive operator visibility.

As well as offering a safe, comfortable and strain free environment. The cabin’s rotating seat console enables the operator to always be facing the direction of travel. This feature removes the requirement of the operator using the machine to be looking over their shoulder when in reverse. Due to the operator being in this natural position when using the machine, this feature could be traced to reducing the potential of any musculoskeletal strains. The Wacker Neuson Dual View is fitted as standard with an hydrostatic all-wheel drive system as well as an automatic ECO mode; allowing the operator to use the machine in the most efficient way. With the introduction of the Deutz stage V engine with DPF and auto stop feature, the efficiency of this machine has been improved. This means the machine is future proofed, meeting the new emission regulations for UK market.

Reviewing all of the feedback provided by our customers; the Wacker Neuson Dual View got on average 4.5 stars out of 5. We believe this is a strong position to improve on with the future versions of the Wacker Neuson Dual View. We would like to thank all of the customers that took part in this feedback session and provided us with their thoughts on the Wacker Neuson Dual View . Thank you for attention. If you wish to read more into the Wacker Neuson Dual View or any other innovative products offered by Wacker Neuson, please visit the website links shown below.

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