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More materials handling: Wacker Neuson enters into the heavy-duty loader class with the WL95

Wacker Neuson is entering the heavy-duty wheel loader class for the first time. The new 10-ton loader is the largest from Wacker Neuson and yet compact. The versatile equipment impresses with the latest ecospeedPRO transmission, maximum comfort and two engine versions that are fit for the latest emission standards.

Wacker Neuson WL95

Particularly large construction contractors and recycling companies are regularly faced with high materials handling. Wacker Neuson will now be handling this with the largest wheel loaders in the product range, the WL95 with 10 tons of total weight. The expansion of the product range was realized at the request of multiple customers. The WL95 will be available from January 2019. Like all Wacker Neuson wheel loaders, the new model also has comprehensive standard equipment. In addition, the engine, travel drive, operator's station, and hydraulics can be individually configured depending on application and preference.

New ecospeedPRO transmission
In the 40 km/h version, the WL95 is equipped with the innovative ecospeedPRO transmission. This is an infinitely variable hydrostatic high-speed transmission, which allows higher tractive forces and driving speeds, and additionally impresses with Wacker Neuson's typical compactness, energy efficiency and the best operator comfort. In addition to the positive properties known for hydrostatic drives, such as easy reversing, good metering and fine controllability, inching and brake force support, ecospeedPRO makes it possible to drive through the entire speed range from 0 to 40 km/h without shifting gears. This offers a very high level of driving comfort for the end user, since no tractive force interruptions occur. In typical work situations in particular, such as handling work in the Y-cycle, there is a greater need for constant thrust and tractive forces at speeds from 10-20 km/h.

Two engine versions: ready for the latest emissions standards
The WL95 comes with two engine versions: a Deutz 3.6l engine with 100 kW/136 hp and DOC/SCR emission control system, according to the current Stage IV emissions standard. A diesel particulate filter is optionally available, which is already certified for Stage V applicable starting in 2020. Or with a 4.1 l engine with 115 KW/156 hp, which also comes from Deutz. This engine is equipped with an exhaust aftertreatment with DOC/DPF/SCR system and also already meets the future valid exhaust emission Stage V. Thus, the trend-setting orientation of the new model series is also shown in the engine versions.

Compact dimensions, comfort and ergonomics
The load arm achieves a bucket pivot point of 3.80 m and can thus easily load any high-sided truck. In addition, the operator always has a very good and direct view of the attachment. The total weight of the wheel loader is 10 tons and offers a tipping load of over 5.7 tons for efficient material handling.

Despite the new size class, Wacker Neuson has paid attention to compact dimensions. With a bucket, the WL95 has a total length of 6.50 m and a width of 2.39 m and is equipped with an articulated joint and a pendulum axle at the rear for optimum maneuverability and traction. The turning circle is only 4.90 m with an inner radius of 2.45 m. The WL95 can handle transport work with a trailer load of up to 18 t. Both a two-line pneumatic brake and a hydraulic trailer brake are offered in order to safely move the trailer loads.

The spacious cabin with good all-round visibility was developed according to the latest findings of ergonomics and clarity. All operator's controls in the cab of the WL95 are in the field of view and are easily accessible. Thanks to the large digital 7" display, the operator always has an overview of the machine and the most important functions. If necessary, the flow rate of the hydraulic oil can be manually set using the "jog dial" control element. This is advantageous if the machine drives a hydraulic attachment, which does not require the full hydraulic performance of the machine. The operator can thus work with the machine and attachment very sensitively and in a resource-conserving way. The console is connected to the air-cushioned seat to allow comfortable driving. The standard air conditioning control system allows for a good air flow in the cabin and ensures fatigue-free working.

Also, the serviceability was thought about during development. The engine hood can be easily opened upwards and the cab can be tilted halfway. The mudguards are removable and together with other, easily accessible access panels, servicing can be easily done, since all important components are accessible.