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DT10e — compact, maneuverable, electrical

DT10e — compact, maneuverable, electrical
DT10e — compact, maneuverable, electrical
100% emission-free!
Whether in urban areas or indoors: With the purely electrically powered DT10e, you work everywhere entirely free of emissions. In addition, the machine impresses with its compactness, thanks to which you can get through any standard door.
  • 100% electric driving
  • 0 % emissions
  • Very practical: 2 battery packs, including battery charger, integrated into the machine
  • Stable, even in sloping position, thanks to the low-mounted batteries
  • Reduced service and energy costs through the electrical drive system

savings operating costs:
ca. 67 %

charging time:
ca. 7.5 h.

run time:
up to 8 h.

Operating costs at an overview

The acquisition costs of the DT10e pay off after a short time: Lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. The result is remarkable!

DT10 and DT10e in comparison (per 1000 h)
Material expense for service*
Cost of materials for service
Energy consumption
* only filter – without oils, antifreeze, etc.

Easy charging

Connect battery charger with the plug receptacle via the charging cable.

A lithium-iron-phosphate battery powers the DT10e at peak performances and only requires a power connection from 100 V to do this.

Drive system and battery running time

With its three electric motors, the DT10e is ready for use for an average of 8 hours when fully charged and is therefore in use for a whole workday. Even under maximum load, the battery lasts for 3.5 hours.

Three motors for 100 % electrical driving:
One motor for each track as well as for the work hydraulics.
[1] Motor left track
[2] Motor right track
[3] Motor work hydraulics


Valuable time can be saved during maintenance and therefore money can also be saved. The better and faster the access to the hydraulics or engine are, the faster the machine is back in application.

  • Good service access in order to safely take care of daily control procedures
  • Quick access to the maintenance points
  • High degree of safety due to the lockable engine hood

Always constant propulsion,

because the suspension-mounted rollers adapt to any terrain.

Stable, even in a sloping position:

this is ensured by the low-mounted batteries.

Track dumper expertise down to the last detail.

Up to 8 hours of running time
are possible with the fully charged, optionally available more powerful battery. The running time depends on the type of application and can therefore vary.

Suspension-mounted rollers for running
smoothnesscompensate for ground unevenness and ensure a high degree of running smoothness.

Innovative, electrical, emission-free
The latest technology for sustainability in the construction industry. Due to the emission-free drive system, it is perfect for applications in the urban sector as well as indoors.

ECO seal
Wacker Neuson distinguishesparticularly economical andenvironment-friendly products with the ECO seal.


Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.